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EDIT-PATCH(1)						      General Commands Manual						     EDIT-PATCH(1)

edit-patch, add-patch - tool for preparing patches for Debian source packages SYNOPSIS
edit-patch path/to/patch add-patch path/to/patch DESCRIPTION
edit-patch is a wrapper script around the Quilt, CDBS, and dpatch patch systems. It simplifies the process of preparing and editing patches to Debian source packages and allows the user to not have to be concerned with which patch system is in use. Run from inside the root directory of the source package, edit-patch can be used to edit existing patches located in debian/patches. It can also be used to incorporate new patches. If pointed at a patch not already present, it will copy the patch to debian/patches in the correct format for the patch system in use. Next, the patch is applied and a subshell is opened in order to edit the patch. Typing exit or pressing Ctrl-d will close the subshell and launch an editor to record the debian/changelog entry. edit-patch is integrated with the Bazaar and Git version control systems. The patch will be automatically added to the tree, and the debian/changelog entry will be used as the commit message. If no patch system is present, the patch is applied inline, and a copy is stored in debian/patches-applied. add-patch is the non-interactive version of edit-patch. The patch will be incorporated but no editor or subshell will be spawned. AUTHORS
edit-patch was written by Daniel Holbach <>, Michael Vogt <>, and David Futcher <>. This manual page was written by Andrew Starr-Bochicchio <>. Both are released under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 3. DEBIAN
Debian Utilities EDIT-PATCH(1)

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CDBS-EDIT-PATCH(1)                                              CDBS Documentation                                              CDBS-EDIT-PATCH(1)

cdbs-edit-patch - create or edit a CDBS patch SYNOPSIS
cdbs-edit-patch patchname DESCRIPTION
cdbs-edit-patch creates or edits patches for use by the CDBS patch system. For more information about CDBS please see the documentation under /usr/share/doc/cdbs/. When patchname exists, cdbs-edit-patch will set up a temporary working source tree, apply all patches up to and including patchname in lex- icographic order, and spawn an interactive shell for the developer. The developer can then edit files in this working tree. When the developer is done and exits the shell, cdbs-edit-patch updates patchname to reflect the changes made. To abort the process from the inter- active shell, exit with a nonzero exit value. When patchname does not exist, cdbs-edit-patch will assume that a new patch should be created. As with the above scenario, cdbs-edit-patch will first create a temporary working source tree and apply all patches up to the new patch in lexicographic order. When the shell is quit, cdbs-edit-patch will create patchname. AUTHOR
CDBS was written by Colin Walters and others. cdbs-edit-patch was written by Martin Pitt. This manual page was written by Peter Eisen- traut based on the dpatch-edit-patch(1) manual page. SEE ALSO
CDBS documentation in /usr/share/doc/cdbs/, /usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/, dpatch-edit-patch(1), quilt(1) Debian 5 Feb 2006 CDBS-EDIT-PATCH(1)
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