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CRUNCHIDE(1)			   BSD General Commands Manual			     CRUNCHIDE(1)

     crunchide -- hides symbol names from ld, for crunching programs together

     crunchide [-f keep-list-file] [-k keep-symbol] object-file [object-file ...]

     crunchide hides the global symbols of object-file such that they are ignored by subsequent
     runs of the linker, ld(1).  Some symbols may be left visible via the -k keep-symbol and -f
     keep-list-file options.  The keep-list-file must contain a list of symbols to keep visible,
     one symbol per line.  The names given by keep-symbol or in keep-list-file should be C names.
     For example, to keep the C function ``foo'' visible, the option ``-k foo'' should be used.

     crunchide is designed as a companion program for crunchgen(1), which automates the process
     of creating crunched binaries from multiple component programs.

     crunchgen(1), ld(1)

     crunchide was written by James da Silva <jds@cs.umd.edu>.

     Copyright (c) 1994 University of Maryland.  All Rights Reserved.

     Chris Demetriou <cgd@NetBSD.org> reorganized crunchide so that it supported multiple object
     formats, and added ELF object support and ECOFF object recognition.

     Copyright (c) 1997 Christopher G. Demetriou.  All Rights Reserved.

BSD					  June 14, 1994 				      BSD
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