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NetBSD 6.1.5 - man page for btkey (netbsd section 1)

BTKEY(1)			   BSD General Commands Manual				 BTKEY(1)

     btkey -- Bluetooth Link Key management utility

     btkey [-CcRrWw] [-k key] -a address -d device
     btkey -Ll [-d device]

     The btkey program is used to manage Bluetooth Link Key storage.  Keys are normally handled
     by the bthcid(8) daemon which caches them in the /var/db/bthcid.keys file and provides them
     as required when Bluetooth connections need to be authenticated.

     These keys are required for connections between remote devices and the specific controller
     (not the Operating System) and so for multi-boot systems where it may not always be possible
     to specify the same key across all OS's it can be better to have the Bluetooth controller
     provide the keys directly from its semi-permanent memory once devices are paired.	btkey
     will read, write or clear keys in device memory or the key cache as required.

     Note that without the bthcid(8) daemon running users will be unable to supply PINs, and Link
     Keys resulting from new pairings will not be stored.  If no new pairings are expected and
     the keys are stored in the controller then bthcid(8) is not required.

     The options are as follows:

     -a address  Specify the remote device address.  May be given as a BDADDR or a name.

     -C 	 Clear key from device.

     -c 	 Clear key from file.

     -d device	 Specify the local device address.  May be given as a BDADDR or a name.

     -k key	 Supply a Link Key as a string of hexadecimal digits.  Up to 32 digits will be
		 processed and the resulting key will be zero padded to 16 octets.

     -L 	 List keys stored in device.

     -l 	 List keys stored in file.

     -R 	 Read key from device.

     -r 	 Read key from file.

     -W 	 Write key to device.

     -w 	 Write key to file.

     Super-user privileges are required to read or write link keys.

     The btkey utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.


     Read key for mouse at ubt0 from file and write to device

	   btkey -d ubt0 -a mouse -rW

     Write new key for keyboard at ubt0 to file

	   btkey -d ubt0 -a keyboard -k 92beda6cd8b8f66ebd2af270d55d70ec -w

     Clear key for phone at bt3c0 from file and device

	   btkey -d bt3c0 -a phone -cC

     btpin(1), btconfig(8), bthcid(8)

     Iain Hibbert

BSD					 November 8, 2007				      BSD

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