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AUDIOCFG(1)			   BSD General Commands Manual			      AUDIOCFG(1)

     audiocfg -- configure default audio device

     audiocfg list
     audiocfg default index
     audiocfg test index

     The audiocfg utility helps maintaining the audio and mixer device symlinks.

     Run with ``list'', it lists the available audio devices and shows the currently selected
     default audio device.  Called with ``test'', it plays a tone of 2 seconds for each channel
     of the device with the index index.  Called with ``default'', it sets the default audio
     device to the one with the index index.

     audiocfg needs access to /dev/drvctl and write access to /dev (when used with ``default'')
     to work.

     /dev/audio  Symlink to default audio device.

		 Available audio devices.

		 Symlink to default audio control device.

		 Available audio control devices.

		 Used for finding the corresponding audio driver to an audio device.

     /dev/mixer  Symlink to default mixer device.

		 Available mixer devices.

     /dev/sound  Symlink to default audio device (for the difference to /dev/audio, see

		 Available audio devices.

     audioplay(1), audiorecord(1), audio(4), drvctl(8)

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