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NetBSD 6.1.5 - man page for atf-check (netbsd section 1)

ATF-CHECK(1)			   BSD General Commands Manual			     ATF-CHECK(1)

     atf-check -- executes a command and analyzes its results

     atf-check [-s qual:value] [-o action:arg ...] [-e action:arg ...] [-x] command
     atf-check -h

     atf-check executes a given command and analyzes its results, including exit code, stdout and

     In the first synopsis form, atf-check will execute the provided command and apply checks
     specified by arguments.  By default it will act as if it was run with -s exit:0 -o empty -e
     empty.  Multiple checks for the same output channel are allowed and, if specified, their
     results will be combined as a logical and (meaning that the output must match all the pro-
     vided checks).

     In the second synopsis form, atf-check will print information about all supported options
     and their purpose.

     The following options are available:

     -h 	    Shows a short summary of all available options and their purpose.

     -s qual:value  Analyzes termination status.  Must be one of:
		    exit:<value>    checks that the program exited cleanly and that its exit sta-
				    tus is equal to value.  The exit code can be omitted alto-
				    gether, in which case any clean exit is accepted.
		    ignore	    ignores the exit check.
		    signal:<value>  checks that the program exited due to a signal and that the
				    signal that terminated it is value.  The signal can be speci-
				    fied both as a number or as a name, or it can also be omitted
				    altogether, in which case any signal is accepted.

		    Most of these checkers can be prefixed by the 'not-' string, which effec-
		    tively reverses the check.

     -o action:arg  Analyzes standard output.  Must be one of:
		    empty	    checks that stdout is empty
		    ignore	    ignores stdout
		    file:<path>     compares stdout with given file
		    inline:<value>  compares stdout with inline value
		    match:<regexp>  looks for a regular expression in stdout
		    save:<path>     saves stdout to given file

		    Most of these checkers can be prefixed by the 'not-' string, which effec-
		    tively reverses the check.

     -e action:arg  Analyzes standard error (syntax identical to above)

     -x 	    Executes command as a shell command line, executing it with the system shell
		    defined by ATF_SHELL in atf-config(1).  You should avoid using this flag if
		    at all possible to prevent shell quoting issues.

     atf-check exits 0 on success, and other (unspecified) value on failure.

	   # Exit code 0, nothing on stdout/stderr
	   atf-check 'true'

	   # Typical usage if failure is expected
	   atf-check -s not-exit:0 'false'

	   # Checking stdout/stderr
	   echo foobar >expout
	   atf-check -o file:expout -e inline:"xx\tyy\n" \
	       'echo foobar ; printf "xx\tyy\n" >&2'

	   # Checking for a crash
	   atf-check -s signal:sigsegv my_program

	   # Combined checks
	   atf-check -o match:foo -o not-match:bar echo foo baz

     atf-config(1), atf(7)

BSD					  June 27, 2010 				      BSD

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