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timed(8) [mojave man page]

TIMED(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 						  TIMED(8)

timed -- time synchronization daemon SYNOPSIS
timed takes no arguments, and users should not launch it manually. DESCRIPTION
timed maintains system clock accuracy by synchronizing the clock with reference clocks via technologies like NTP. Inputs are merged inside of timed, where it calculates uncertainty to facilitate scheduling proactive time jobs. timed is also aware of power/battery conditions. FILES
/etc/ntp.conf NTP server configuration. /var/db/timed/ The cached state of timed /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ The timed service's property list file for launchd(8). SEE ALSO
date(1), settimeofday(2), adjtime(2), gettimeofday(2), launchd(8) HISTORY
This timed first appeared in Mac OS X 10.13 and iOS 5.0. Darwin January 26, 2016 Darwin

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TIMEDC(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 						 TIMEDC(8)

timedc -- timed control program SYNOPSIS
timedc [command [argument ...]] DESCRIPTION
timedc is used to control the operation of the timed(8) program. It may be used to: o Measure the differences between machines' clocks, o Find the location where the master time server is running, o Enable or disable tracing of messages received by timed(8), and o Perform various debugging actions. Without any arguments, timedc will prompt for commands from the standard input. If arguments are supplied, timedc interprets the first argu- ment as a command and the remaining arguments as parameters to the command. The standard input may be redirected causing timedc to read com- mands from a file. Commands may be abbreviated; recognized commands are: ? [command ...] help [command ...] Print a short description of each command specified in the argument list, or, if no arguments are given, a list of the recognized commands. clockdiff host ... Compute the differences between the clock of the host machine and the clocks of the machines given as arguments. msite [host ...] Show the master time server for specified host(s). trace { on | off } Enable or disable the tracing of incoming messages to timed(8) in the file /var/log/timed.log. election host Asks the daemon on the target host to reset its ``election'' timers and to ensure that a time master has been elected. quit Exit from timedc. Other commands may be included for use in testing and debugging timed(8); the help command and the program source may be consulted for details. FILES
/var/log/timed.log tracing file for timed /var/log/timed.masterlog log file for master timed DIAGNOSTICS
?Ambiguous command abbreviation matches more than one command ?Invalid command no match found SEE ALSO
date(1), adjtime(2), icmp(4), timed(8) R. Gusella and S. Zatti, TSP: The Time Synchronization Protocol for UNIX 4.3BSD. HISTORY
The timedc command appeared in 4.3BSD. BSD
February 2, 2007 BSD

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