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usagetrackingagent(8) [mojave man page]

USAGETRACKINGAGENT(8)					    BSD System Manager's Manual 				     USAGETRACKINGAGENT(8)

UsageTrackingAgent -- Usage Tracking Agent DESCRIPTION
UsageTrackingAgent monitors and reports usage budgets set by Health, Parental Controls, or Device Management. macOS January 16, 2018 macOS

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AssetCacheManagerUtil(8)				    BSD System Manager's Manual 				  AssetCacheManagerUtil(8)

AssetCacheManagerUtil -- control the macOS Content Cache SYNOPSIS
AssetCacheManagerUtil [-a|--all] [-j|--json] [-l|--linger] command DESCRIPTION
AssetCacheManagerUtil controls the macOS Content Cache. AssetCacheManagerUtil must be run by root except as noted below. The options are: -a|--all Show all events, not just the end result of the specified command. -j|--json Print results in machine-parseable JSON format to stdout. -l|--linger Linger after completing command, to show other events. The commands are: activate Activates the content cache. Content caching is deactivated by default. After you activate content caching, restart devices on your network to take advantage of content caching immediately. Devices on your network will discover this content cache over time. Devices that are restarted will use this content cache immediately. deactivate Deactivates the content cache. isActivated Reports the content cache's activation status. Does not require root. canActivate Reports whether the content cache is eligible for activation. Does not require root. flushCache Flushes the content cache. flushPersonalCache Flushes all personal (iCloud) content from the content cache. flushSharedCache Flushes all shared (non-iCloud) content from the content cache. status Reports the content cache's status. Does not require root. settings Reports the content cache's settings. Does not require root. reloadSettings Forces the content cache to reload its settings. moveCacheTo path Moves the cache to path. The path must end with /Library/Application Support/Apple/AssetCache/Data. The contents of path are deleted and replaced with the cache. absorbCacheFrom path read-only|and-destroy Imports the cache from path. The path must end with either /Library/Application Support/Apple/AssetCache/Data or /Library/Server/Caching/Data. If the last argument is read-only the cache at path is not modified, otherwise it is emptied. This command only starts the absorption, which proceeds and finishes in the background. SEE ALSO
System Preferences > Sharing > Content Caching, AssetCache(8), AssetCacheLocatorUtil(8), AssetCacheTetheratorUtil(8) macOS June 1, 2019 macOS

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