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directoryservice(8) [mojave man page]

dspluginhelperd(8)					    BSD System Manager's Manual 					dspluginhelperd(8)

dspluginhelperd -- support daemon for legacy DirectoryService plugins SYNOPSIS
dspluginhelperd [-v] DESCRIPTION
DirectoryService has been replaced by opendirectoryd(8). dspluginhelperd provides support for 3rd party DirectoryService plugins. More information can be accessed from the Darwin Open Directory Page: OPTIONS
The options are as follows: -v Display the release version. DIAGNOSTICS
See odutil(1) for information on enabling debug logging and various other options introspection of opendirectoryd. ERRORS
Error codes are available using dserr(1) or from framework headers <DirectoryService/DirServiceTypes.h>. DirectoryService.framework is dep- recated as of 10.6 and OpenDirectory.framework should be used instead. OPEN SOURCE
The source code for dspluginhelperd is available as part of Apple's Darwin open source initiative. dspluginhelperd is part of the Directory- Service project. More information on Darwin may be found on the Web at DirectoryService API and Plug-in API are documented at The headers for the deprecated DirectoryService APIs can also be found in the following location: /System/Library/Frameworks/DirectoryService.framework/Headers/ FILES
/Library/DirectoryServices/PlugIns location of third party plugins SEE ALSO
opendirectoryd(8), odutil(1), DirectoryServiceAttributes(7), dscl(1), dsmemberutil(1), dscacheutil(1), dseditgroup(8), dsenableroot(8), dserr(8), pwpolicy(8) MacOSX Jun 23, 2010 MacOSX

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PasswordService(8)					    BSD System Manager's Manual 					PasswordService(8)

PasswordService -- Mac OS X Server Password Server daemon SYNOPSIS
PasswordService [-help | -ver] PasswordService [-n] DESCRIPTION
In the first synopsis form, PasswordService prints a usage summary or version information and quits. In the second form, PasswordService acts as a password server. PasswordService must be run as root; it will exit otherwise. If there is another instance of PasswordService running, it will exit. The PasswordService daemon acts as the gatekeeper for user passwords and provides an authentication resource for all services running on the system. The standard way to communicate with PasswordService is to use the DirectoryService API. Services authenticate via the dsDoDirN- odeAuth() function call. If the user being authenticated has an AuthenticationAuthority attribute that begins with ";ApplePasswordServer;" the request is routed to PasswordService for authentication. Normally, the users in an Open Directory LDAP server are managed through Pass- wordService. The DirectoryService buffer formats for each authentication mechanism are documented in the DirServicesConst.h header file. Some of the common methods supported are: APOP, CRAM-MD5, DIGEST-MD5, MS-CHAPv2, NTLMv2 and NTLMv1. Some authentication methods require recoverable passwords. If APOP, TWOWAYRANDOM, or WEBDAV-DIGEST are enabled, the password database must contain recoverable passwords. The PasswordService daemon enforces password policies, such as the minimum number of characters allowed or when a password change is required. See pwpolicy(8) for more information about password policies. PasswordService writes three log files; the server log contains all significant activity; the replication log contains information about syn- chronization with other password servers; the error log contains major error conditions. OPTIONS
The following options are available: -n Do not daemonize. USAGE
In typical usage, PasswordService is launched during the boot process by launchd. To start and stop PasswordService manually, use launchctl(8) commands. This command updates the configuration files and effect the startup state. FILES &; FOLDERS /usr/sbin/PasswordService - the password service daemon /Library/Logs/PasswordService/ApplePasswordServer.Error.log - the error log /Library/Logs/PasswordService/ApplePasswordServer.Replication.log - the replication log /Library/Logs/PasswordService/ApplePasswordServer.Server.log - the activity log /var/db/authserver/authservermain - password database (guard this) /var/db/authserver/authserverfree - list of free (reusable) slots in the database SEE ALSO
mkpassdb(8) launchctl(8) pwpolicy(8) Mac OS X Server 21 February 2002 Mac OS X Server
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