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XLOCALE(3)						   BSD Library Functions Manual 						XLOCALE(3)

xlocale -- Extended locale support. LIBRARY
Standard C Library (libc, -lc) DESCRIPTION
Include <xlocale.h> for extended locale support. It can be used alone or with the POSIX locale API in <locale.h>. The extended locale, or "xlocale" API consists of five basic routines, which are documented separately: duplocale(3), freelocale(3), newlocale(3), querylocale(3), and uselocale(3). For each of these routines, if a NULL locale_t is given, the current locale is used. In addition, <xlocale.h> defines a few macros: - LC_GLOBAL_LOCALE - A special locale_t value that corresponds to the global, process-wide locale. - MB_CUR_MAX - This macro is traditionally defined as an integer containing the value of the longest multi-byte string that a single-wide character in the global locale can translate into. With extended locales, this macro is replaced with a function that returns the value of the longest multi-byte string that a single-wide character in the current locale (per-thread or global) can translate into. - MB_CUR_MAX_L(loc) - This macro is equivalent to MB_CUR_MAX, except that it may be passed a specific locale directly. CAVEATS
The POSIX setlocale(3) function only affects the global locale, so using it when a per-thread locale is in effect will not change locale behavior for that thread. However, it will change behavior for threads with no per-thread locale in effect. The routines defined in <rune.h> are deprecated, and may not be fully consistent with the xlocale API. Of particular note is setinvalidrune(), which would normally modify the value in the global locale. Since this value resides in a sub-structure of locale_t and sub-structures may be shared by multiple locales, setinvalidrune() has been modified to make a copy of the sub-structure. This prevents it from affecting other locales. SEE ALSO
duplocale(3), freelocale(3), localeconv(3), newlocale(3), querylocale(3), uselocale(3) CONVENIENCE FUNCTIONS
The xlocale API also includes "convenience functions": functions that can be executed using a given locale, rather than the current locale. These functions all take one extra locale_t argument at the end of the traditional argument list, except in the case of variable-argument functions, in which case the extra argument comes before the format string. If a NULL locale_t is passed, the C locale will be used. For completeness, the convenience functions are listed here (organized by the header file that contains the original function). <_wctype.h> iswalnum_l(3), iswalpha_l(3), iswcntrl_l(3), iswctype_l(3), iswdigit_l(3), iswgraph_l(3), iswlower_l(3), iswprint_l(3), iswpunct_l(3), iswspace_l(3), iswupper_l(3), iswxdigit_l(3), towlower_l(3), towupper_l(3), wctype_l(3) <ctype.h> digittoint_l(3), isalnum_l(3), isalpha_l(3), isblank_l(3), iscntrl_l(3), isdigit_l(3), isgraph_l(3), ishexnumber_l(3), isideogram_l(3), islower_l(3), isnumber_l(3), isphonogram_l(3), isprint_l(3), ispunct_l(3), isrune_l(3), isspace_l(3), isspecial_l(3), isupper_l(3), isxdigit_l(3), tolower_l(3), toupper_l(3) <inttypes.h> strtoimax_l(3), strtoumax_l(3), wcstoimax_l(3), wcstoumax_l(3) <langinfo.h> nl_langinfo_l(3) <monetary.h> strfmon_l(3) <stdio.h> asprintf_l(3), fprintf_l(3), fscanf_l(3), printf_l(3), scanf_l(3), snprintf_l(3), sprintf_l(3), sscanf_l(3), vasprintf_l(3), vfprintf_l(3), vfscanf_l(3), vprintf_l(3), vscanf_l(3), vsnprintf_l(3), vsprintf_l(3), vsscanf_l(3) <stdlib.h> atof_l(3), atoi_l(3), atol_l(3), atoll_l(3), mblen_l(3), mbstowcs_l(3), mbtowc_l(3), strtod_l(3), strtof_l(3), strtol_l(3), strtold_l(3), strtoll_l(3), strtoq_l(3), strtoul_l(3), strtoull_l(3), strtouq_l(3), wcstombs_l(3), wctomb_l(3) <string.h> strcoll_l(3), strxfrm_l(3), strcasecmp_l(3), strcasestr_l(3), strncasecmp_l(3) <time.h> strftime_l(3), strptime_l(3) <wchar.h> btowc_l(3), fgetwc_l(3), *fgetws_l(3), fputwc_l(3), fputws_l(3), fwprintf_l(3), fwscanf_l(3), getwc_l(3), getwchar_l(3), mbrlen_l(3), mbrtowc_l(3), mbsinit_l(3), mbsnrtowcs_l(3), mbsrtowcs_l(3), putwc_l(3), putwchar_l(3), swprintf_l(3), swscanf_l(3), ungetwc_l(3), vfwprintf_l(3), vfwscanf_l(3), vswprintf_l(3), vswscanf_l(3), vwprintf_l(3), vwscanf_l(3), wcrtomb_l(3), wcscoll_l(3), wcsftime_l(3), wcsnrtombs_l(3), wcsrtombs_l(3), wcstod_l(3), wcstof_l(3), wcstol_l(3), wcstold_l(3), wcstoll_l(3), wcstoul_l(3), wcstoull_l(3), wcswidth_l(3), wcsxfrm_l(3), wctob_l(3), wcwidth_l(3), wprintf_l(3), wscanf_l(3) <wctype.h> iswblank_l(3), iswhexnumber_l(3), iswideogram_l(3), iswnumber_l(3), iswphonogram_l(3), iswrune_l(3), iswspecial_l(3), nextwctype_l(3), towctrans_l(3), wctrans_l(3) <xlocale.h> localeconv_l(3) BSD
March 11, 2005 BSD
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