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mpskeyedunarchiver(3) [mojave man page]

MPSKeyedUnarchiver(3)					 MetalPerformanceShaders.framework				     MPSKeyedUnarchiver(3)

MPSKeyedUnarchiver SYNOPSIS
#import <MPSKeyedUnarchiver.h> Inherits NSKeyedUnarchiver, and <MPSDeviceProvider>. Instance Methods (nullable instancetype) - init (nullable instancetype) - initWithDevice: (nonnull instancetype) - initForReadingWithData: (nonnull instancetype) - initForReadingWithData:device: (__nonnull id< MTLDevice >) - mpsMTLDevice Class Methods (nullable id) + unarchiveObjectWithData: (nullable id) + unarchiveObjectWithData:device: (nullable id) + unarchiveTopLevelObjectWithData:error: (nullable id) + unarchiveTopLevelObjectWithData:device:error: (nullable id) + unarchiveObjectWithFile: (nullable id) + unarchiveObjectWithFile:device: Detailed Description A NSKeyedArchiver that supports the MPSDeviceProvider protocol for MPSKernel decoding Method Documentation - (nullable instancetype) init - (nonnull instancetype) initForReadingWithData: (NSData *__nonnull) data - (nonnull instancetype) initForReadingWithData: (NSData *__nonnull) data(__nonnull id< MTLDevice >) device - (nullable instancetype) initWithDevice: (__nonnull id< MTLDevice >) device - (__nonnull id <MTLDevice>) mpsMTLDevice Reports which device to use for unarchiving MPSKernels Reimplemented from <MPSDeviceProvider>. + (nullable id) unarchiveObjectWithData: (NSData *__nonnull) data + (nullable id) unarchiveObjectWithData: (NSData *__nonnull) data(__nonnull id< MTLDevice >) device + (nullable id) unarchiveObjectWithFile: (NSString *__nonnull) path + (nullable id) unarchiveObjectWithFile: (NSString *__nonnull) path(__nonnull id< MTLDevice >) device + (nullable id) unarchiveTopLevelObjectWithData: (NSData *__nonnull) data(__nonnull id< MTLDevice >) device(NSError *__nullable *__nullable) error + (nullable id) unarchiveTopLevelObjectWithData: (NSData *__nonnull) data(NSError *__nullable *__nullable) error Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for MetalPerformanceShaders.framework from the source code. Version MetalPerformanceShaders-100 Thu Feb 8 2018 MPSKeyedUnarchiver(3)

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MPSCNNInstanceNormalization(3)				 MetalPerformanceShaders.framework			    MPSCNNInstanceNormalization(3)

MPSCNNInstanceNormalization SYNOPSIS
#import <MPSCNNInstanceNormalization.h> Inherits MPSCNNKernel. Instance Methods (nonnull instancetype) - initWithDevice:dataSource: (nonnull instancetype) - initWithDevice: (nullable instancetype) - initWithCoder:device: (void) - reloadDataSource: (void) - reloadGammaAndBetaWithCommandBuffer:gammaAndBetaState: (MPSCNNInstanceNormalizationGradientState *__nullable) - resultStateForSourceImage:sourceStates:destinationImage: Properties float epsilon id< MPSCNNInstanceNormalizationDataSource > dataSource Additional Inherited Members Detailed Description This depends on Metal.framework This kernel normalizes each image, on a per-channel basis, to have zero mean and unit variance: for each image: for each channel: y = (x - mean) * gamma / sqrt(variance + epsilon) + beta; Method Documentation - (nullable instancetype) initWithCoder: (NSCoder *__nonnull) aDecoder(nonnull id< MTLDevice >) device NSSecureCoding compatability While the standard NSSecureCoding/NSCoding method -initWithCoder: should work, since the file can't know which device your data is allocated on, we have to guess and may guess incorrectly. To avoid that problem, use initWithCoder:device instead. Parameters: aDecoder The NSCoder subclass with your serialized MPSKernel device The MTLDevice on which to make the MPSKernel Returns: A new MPSCNNInstanceNormalization object, or nil if failure. Reimplemented from MPSCNNKernel. - (nonnull instancetype) initWithDevice: (nonnull id< MTLDevice >) device Use initWithDevice:dataSource instead Reimplemented from MPSCNNKernel. - (nonnull instancetype) initWithDevice: (nonnull id< MTLDevice >) device(nonnull id< MPSCNNInstanceNormalizationDataSource >) dataSource Initialize a MPSCNNInstanceNormalization kernel on a device. Parameters: dataSource An object conforming to the MPSCNNInstanceNormalizationDataSource protocol which - (void) reloadDataSource: (__nonnull id< MPSCNNInstanceNormalizationDataSource >) dataSource Reload data using a data source. Parameters: dataSource The data source which will provide the gamma and beta terms to scale and bias the normalized result respectively. - (void) reloadGammaAndBetaWithCommandBuffer: (__nonnull id< MTLCommandBuffer >) commandBuffer(MPSCNNNormalizationGammaAndBetaState *__nonnull) gammaAndBetaState Reload data using new gamma and beta terms contained within an MPSCNNInstanceNormalizationGradientState object. Parameters: commandBuffer The command buffer on which to encode the reload. gammaAndBetaState The state containing the updated weights which are to be reloaded. - (MPSCNNInstanceNormalizationGradientState * __nullable) resultStateForSourceImage: (MPSImage *__nonnull) sourceImage(NSArray< MPSState * > *__nullable) sourceStates(MPSImage *__nonnull) destinationImage Return a MPSCNNInstanceNormalizationGradientState object for the provided source image, source states, and destination image. Reimplemented from MPSCNNKernel. Property Documentation - (id<MPSCNNInstanceNormalizationDataSource>) dataSource [read], [nonatomic], [retain] The data source that the object was initialized with - epsilon [read], [write], [nonatomic], [assign] The epsilon value used to bias the variance when normalizing. Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for MetalPerformanceShaders.framework from the source code. Version MetalPerformanceShaders-100 Thu Feb 8 2018 MPSCNNInstanceNormalization(3)

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