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OSX 10.14 Mojave - man page for tcl_signalmsg (mojave section 3)

Tcl_SignalId(3) 					      Tcl Library Procedures						   Tcl_SignalId(3)


Tcl_SignalId, Tcl_SignalMsg - Convert signal codes
#include <tcl.h> const char * Tcl_SignalId(sig) const char * Tcl_SignalMsg(sig)
int sig (in) A POSIX signal number such as SIGPIPE. _________________________________________________________________
Tcl_SignalId and Tcl_SignalMsg return a string representation of the provided signal number (sig). Tcl_SignalId returns a machine-readable textual identifier such as "SIGPIPE". Tcl_SignalMsg returns a human-readable string such as "bus error". The strings returned by these functions are statically allocated and the caller must not free or modify them.
signals, signal numbers Tcl 8.3 Tcl_SignalId(3)

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