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OSX 10.14 Mojave - man page for mail::spf::mech::all (mojave section 3)

Mail::SPF::Mech::All(3) 				User Contributed Perl Documentation				   Mail::SPF::Mech::All(3)

Mail::SPF::Mech::All - SPF record "all" mechanism class
An object of class Mail::SPF::Mech::All represents an SPF record mechanism of type "all". Constructors The following constructors are provided: new: returns Mail::SPF::Mech::All Creates a new SPF record "all" mechanism object. %options is a list of key/value pairs representing any of the following options: qualifier See "new" in Mail::SPF::Mech. new_from_string($text, %options): returns Mail::SPF::Mech::All; throws Mail::SPF::ENothingToParse, Mail::SPF::EInvalidMech Creates a new SPF record "all" mechanism object by parsing the string and any options given. Class methods The following class methods are provided: default_qualifier qualifier_pattern See "Class methods" in Mail::SPF::Mech. name: returns string Returns 'all'. name_pattern: returns Regexp Returns a regular expression that matches a mechanism name of 'all'. Instance methods The following instance methods are provided: text qualifier name stringify See "Instance methods" in Mail::SPF::Mech. match($server, $request): returns boolean Returns true because the "all" mechanism always matches. See RFC 4408, 5.1, for details.
Mail::SPF, Mail::SPF::Record, Mail::SPF::Term, Mail::SPF::Mech <> For availability, support, and license information, see the README file included with Mail::SPF.
Julian Mehnle <>, Shevek <> perl v5.18.2 2017-10-06 Mail::SPF::Mech::All(3)

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