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The Smurf attack is a DDOS attack in which large numbers of Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) packets with the intended victim's spoofed source IP are broadcast to a computer network using an IP broadcast address.
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compression_tool(1) [mojave man page]

COMPRESSION_TOOL(1)					      General Commands Manual					       COMPRESSION_TOOL(1)

compression_tool - encode/decode files using the Compression library SYNOPSIS
compression_tool -encode | -decode [-a algorithm] [-i input_file] [-o output_file] [-v] [-h] DESCRIPTION
compression_tool encodes (compresses), or decodes (uncompresses) files using the Compression library. OPTIONS
-encode Encode (compress) the input -decode Decode (uncompress) the input -a algorithm Set the compression algorithm, valid options are zlib, lzma, lzfse, lz4, lz4_raw. Default is lzfse. - zlib raw DEFLATE payload, as defined in IETF RFC 1951, encoder is zlib level 5, - lzma LZMA2 payload inside a XZ container, encoder is LZMA2 preset 6, - lz4 raw LZ4 payload inside a custom container (described in compression.h), - lz4_raw raw LZ4 payload, - lzfse LZFSE payload. -i input_file Input file. If omitted, read from standard input. -o output_file Output file. If omitted, write to standard output. -v Increase verbosity. Default is silent operation. -h Print usage and exit. COMPRESSION_TOOL(1)

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base64(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 						 base64(1)

base64 -- Encode and decode using Base64 representation SYNOPSIS
base64 [-d | -h | -v | -D] [-b count] [-i input_file] [-o output_file] DESCRIPTION
base64 encodes and decodes Base64 data, as specified in RFC 4648. With no options, base64 reads raw data from stdin and writes encoded data as a continuous block to stdout. OPTIONS
The following options are available: -b count --break=count Insert line breaks every count characters. Default is 0, which generates an unbroken stream. -d --debug Print verbose log messages during processing. -D --decode Decode incoming Base64 stream into binary data. -h --help Print usage summary and exit. -i input_file --input=input_file Read input from input_file. Default is stdin; passing - also represents stdin. -o output_file --output=output_file Write output to output_file. Default is stdout; passing - also represents stdout. -v --version Print build version and exit. SEE ALSO
openssl(1), wikipedia page <>, RFC 4648 <> Mac OS X 10.7 February 8, 2011 Mac OS X 10.7

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