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repartit(8) [minix man page]

REPARTITION(8)						      System Manager's Manual						    REPARTITION(8)

repartition - load a partition table SYNOPSIS
repartition device [partition-file] DESCRIPTION
Repartition uploads a new partition table for the partitions of device. The table is obtained from the first sector of partition-file if given, device otherwise. Device may refer to the whole drive or a primary partition, depending on whether you want to upload a partition or a subpartition table. The partitions will be truncated to fit within the enclosing device like the disk driver does, unless the numbers are coming from partition-file. EXAMPLES
repartition /dev/hd0 repartition /dev/hd4 /etc/hd4.table Reload the partition table of drive 0 setting /dev/hd[1-4], and the subpartition table of /dev/hd4 setting /dev/hd4[a-d] using a file. The latter may be useful if you need more than the 4 subpartitions a single Minix partition gives you. DIAGNOSTICS
The new table is printed on standard output. FILES
/dev/hd[0-9] SEE ALSO
hd(4), part(8). BUGS
The disk must be in use for the changes to stick. The partition table of an idle disk will be reloaded on the first open. AUTHOR
Kees J. Bot ( REPARTITION(8)

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FDISK(8)						      System Manager's Manual							  FDISK(8)

fdisk - partition a hard disk [IBM] SYNOPSIS
fdisk [-hm] [-sn] [file] OPTIONS
-h Number of disk heads is m -s Number of sectors per track is n EXAMPLES
fdisk /dev/hd0 # Examine disk partitions fdisk -h9 /dev/hd0 # Examine disk with 9 heads DESCRIPTION
When fdisk starts up, it reads in the partition table and displays it. It then presents a menu to allow the user to modify partitions, store the partition table on a file, or load it from a file. Partitions can be marked as MINIX, DOS or other, as well as active or not. Using fdisk is self-explanatory. However, be aware that repartitioning a disk will cause information on it to be lost. Rebooting the sys- tem immediately is mandatory after changing partition sizes and parameters. MINIX, XENIX, PC-IX, and MS-DOS all have different partition numbering schemes. Thus when using multiple systems on the same disk, be careful. Note that MINIX, unlike MS-DOS , cannot access the last sector in a partition with an odd number of sectors. The reason that odd partition sizes do not cause a problem with MS-DOS is that MS-DOS allocates disk space in units of 512-byte sectors, whereas MINIX uses 1K blocks. Fdisk has a variety of other features that can be seen by typing h. Fdisk normally knows the geometry of the device by asking the driver. You can use the -h and -s options to override the numbers found. SEE ALSO
part(8). FDISK(8)
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