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IFCFG(8)							       Linux								  IFCFG(8)

ifcfg - simplistic script which replaces ifconfig IP management SYNOPSIS
ifcfg [ DEVICE ] [ command ] ADDRESS [ PEER ] DESCRIPTION
This manual page documents briefly the ifcfg command. This is a simplistic script replacing one option of ifconfig , namely, IP address management. It not only adds addresses, but also carries out Duplicate Address Detection RFC-DHCP, sends unsolicited ARP to update the caches of other hosts sharing the interface, adds some con- trol routes and restarts Router Discovery when it is necessary. IFCONFIG - COMMAND SYNTAX DEVICE - it may have alias, suffix, separated by colon. command - add, delete or stop. ADDRESS - optionally followed by prefix length. peer - optional peer address for pointpoint interfaces. NOTES
This script is not suitable for use with IPv6. SEE ALSO
IP Command reference iproute2 September 24 2009 IFCFG(8)

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SMPPPD-IFCFG(8) 						      SMPPPD							   SMPPPD-IFCFG(8)

smpppd-ifcfg - SuSE Meta PPP Daemon DESCRIPTION
smpppd-ifcfg is a daemon that controls a single dialup connection to the internet. It does so by starting and controlling the pppd. The configuration of the dialup connections is done by YaST2. smpppd-ifcfg is not intended for direct use. Use ifup and ifdown or a frontend like cinternet , qinternet or kinternet instead. OPTIONS
These options are recognized by smpppd-ifcfg. If a long option shows an argument as mandatory, then it is mandatory for the equivalent short option also. --up Bring the connection up. This is the default action. --down Bring the connection down. --status Report status of the connection. -i, --ifcfg=NAME Specify the ifcfg file to use. This option is mandatory. -p, --provider=NAME Specify the provider file to use. --detach Detach from the controlling terminal. This is the default. --nodeatch Don't detach from the controlling terminal. -d, --debug Turn on debugging. --version Show program version and exit. --help Show help information and exit. FILES
/etc/sysconfig/network/ifcfg-* Configuration files for the interfaces. /etc/sysconfig/network/providers/* Configuration files for the providers. /var/log/smpppd/ifcfg-xxx.log Log file. /var/log/smpppd/accounting.log File containing accounting information. /var/run/ Pid file. /var/lib/smpppd/ Info file with various status information. /var/run/smpppd/ifcfg-xxx Socket to communicate with smpppd. SEE ALSO
kinternet, qinternet, cinternet(1), accounting(1), wvdial(1), smpppd.conf(5), pppd(8), smpppd(8). AUTHOR
Arvin Schnell <> SuSE December 2002 SMPPPD-IFCFG(8)
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