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ADD_ROUTE(8)						      System Manager's Manual						      ADD_ROUTE(8)

add_route - configure IP routing. SYNOPSIS
add_route -g gateway [-d destination [-n netmask ]] [-i ip device] DESCRIPTION
Add_route is used for manual entry of routes in the IP routing table. OPTIONS
-g gateway specifies the gateway IP address to use. -d destination specifies the destination(s) reached via this gateway. -n netmask specifies a netmask when the destination is a net. -i ip device specifies the ip device. SEE ALSO
irdp(8), pr_routes(8). AUTHOR
Add_route.c was created August 7, 1991 by Philip Homburg. This manual page by A. S. Woodhull, last revised 13.02.96. ADD_ROUTE(8)

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routes(4)						     Kernel Interfaces Manual							 routes(4)

routes - Specifies Internet routing information to the routing tables SYNOPSIS
/etc/routes DESCRIPTION
Static routes can be defined in the /etc/routes file. The /etc/routes file identifies static routes that are automatically added to the network routing tables with the /usr/sbin/route add command. The /sbin/init.d/route script contains the /usr/sbin/route add command that is executed for each entry in the /etc/routes file when the network is restarted on the system or the system is rebooted. The general format of an entry in the /etc/routes file is: Dest Name1 Name2 The following is a brief description of each element in an /etc/routes file entry: A keyword that indicates whether the route is to a net- work or to a host. The two possible keywords are -net and -host. The name or address of the destination network or host. Name1 can be either a symbolic name (as used in the /etc/hosts or /etc/networks file) or an Internet address specified in dotted-decimal format. The name or address of the gateway host to which messages should be forwarded. Name2 can be either a symbolic name (as used in the /etc/hosts file) or an Internet address specified in dotted-decimal format. The routes file is a Context-Dependent Symbolic Link (CDSL) and must be maintained as such. See the System Administration manual for more information. EXAMPLES
To specify a route to a network through a gateway host with an entry in the /etc/routes file, enter: -net net2 host4 This example specifies a route to a network, net2, through the gateway host4. To specify a route to a host through a gateway host with an entry in the /etc/routes file, enter: -host host2 host4 This example specifies a route to a host, host2, through the gateway host4. To specify a route to a default gateway host with an entry in the /etc/routes file, enter: default This example specifies a route to a default gateway with an Internet address of FILES
Contains the /usr/sbin/routed add command. RELATED INFORMATION
Commands: route(8) Daemons: gated(8), routed(8) Files: gated.conf(4) Network Administration delim off routes(4)
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