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COMMIT(7)                                                          SQL Commands                                                          COMMIT(7)

COMMIT - commit the current transaction SYNOPSIS
COMMIT commits the current transaction. All changes made by the transaction become visible to others and are guaranteed to be durable if a crash occurs. PARAMETERS
WORK TRANSACTION Optional key words. They have no effect. NOTES
Use ROLLBACK [rollback(7)] to abort a transaction. Issuing COMMIT when not inside a transaction does no harm, but it will provoke a warning message. EXAMPLES
To commit the current transaction and make all changes permanent: COMMIT; COMPATIBILITY
The SQL standard only specifies the two forms COMMIT and COMMIT WORK. Otherwise, this command is fully conforming. SEE ALSO
BEGIN [begin(7)], ROLLBACK [rollback(7)] SQL - Language Statements 2010-05-14 COMMIT(7)

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PREPARED(7) PostgreSQL 9.2.7 Documentation COMMIT PREPARED(7) NAME
COMMIT_PREPARED - commit a transaction that was earlier prepared for two-phase commit SYNOPSIS
COMMIT PREPARED commits a transaction that is in prepared state. PARAMETERS
transaction_id The transaction identifier of the transaction that is to be committed. NOTES
To commit a prepared transaction, you must be either the same user that executed the transaction originally, or a superuser. But you do not have to be in the same session that executed the transaction. This command cannot be executed inside a transaction block. The prepared transaction is committed immediately. All currently available prepared transactions are listed in the pg_prepared_xacts system view. EXAMPLES
Commit the transaction identified by the transaction identifier foobar: COMMIT PREPARED 'foobar'; COMPATIBILITY
COMMIT PREPARED is a PostgreSQL extension. It is intended for use by external transaction management systems, some of which are covered by standards (such as X/Open XA), but the SQL side of those systems is not standardized. SEE ALSO
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