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UMOUNT(1)						      General Commands Manual							 UMOUNT(1)

umount - unmount a mounted file system SYNOPSIS
umount special OPTIONS
umount /dev/fd1 # Unmount diskette 1 DESCRIPTION
A mounted file system is unmounted after the cache has been flushed to disk. A diskette should never be removed while it is mounted. If this happens, and is discovered before another diskette is inserted, the original one can be replaced without harm. Attempts to unmount a file system holding working directories or open files will be rejected with a 'device busy' message. SEE ALSO
mount(1), umount(2). UMOUNT(1)

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UMOUNT.NFS(8)						      System Manager's Manual						     UMOUNT.NFS(8)

umount.nfs, umount.nfs4 - unmount a Network File System SYNOPSIS
umount.nfs dir [-fvnrlh ] DESCRIPTION
umount.nfs and umount.nfs4 are a part of nfs(5) utilities package, which provides NFS client functionality. umount.nfs4 and umount.nfs are meant to be used by the umount(8) command for unmounting NFS shares. This subcommand, however, can also be used as a standalone command with limited functionality. dir is the directory on which the file system is mounted. OPTIONS
-f Force unmount the file system in case of unreachable NFS system. -v Be verbose. -n Do not update /etc/mtab. By default, an entry is created in /etc/mtab for every mounted file system. Use this option to skip delet- ing an entry. -r In case unmounting fails, try to mount read-only. -l Lazy unmount. Detach the file system from the file system hierarchy now, and cleanup all references to the file system as soon as it is not busy anymore. -h Print help message. NOTE
For further information please refer nfs(5) and umount(8) manual pages. FILES
/etc/fstab file system table /etc/mtab table of mounted file systems SEE ALSO
nfs(5), umount(8), AUTHOR
Amit Gud <> 6 Jun 2006 UMOUNT.NFS(8)
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