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TERM(1) 						      General Commands Manual							   TERM(1)

term - turn PC into a dumb terminal [IBM] SYNOPSIS
term [baudrate] [parity] [bits_per_character] [-dial_string] [device] EXAMPLES
term 2400 # Talk to modem at 2400 baud term 1200 7 even # 1200 baud, 7 bits/char, even parity term 8 9600 /dev/tty01 # 9600 baud, 8 bits/char, no parity, use tty01 term -atdt12345 /dev/tty01 # Start with a command to dial out DESCRIPTION
Term allows MINIX to talk to a terminal or modem over RS232 port 1. The program first sets the baudrate, parity and character length, and then forks. The parent sits in a loop copying from stdin (usually the console's keyboard), to the terminal or modem (/dev/tty00). The child sits in a loop copying from the terminal or modem (/dev/tty00) to standard output. Thus when RS232 port 1 is connected to a modem, every keystroke typed on the keyboard is sent to the modem, and every character arriving from the modem is displayed. Standard input and output may be redirected, to provide a primitive file transfer program, with no checking. Any argument that starts with a minus ('-') is sent out to the modem, usually to dial out. Term accepts several commands that are formed by typing the escape character, CTRL-], and a letter. Type CTRL-]? to see a list of commands. The subshell command is very important, it allows you to type in a ZMODEM command to transfer data. Do not quit term to do this, or your modem line will be reset! Term keeps the modem line open on file descriptor 9 while running the subshell, so you can type <&9 >&9 at the end of your ZMODEM command to connect it to the modem. Important note: to use term, it is essential that /etc/ttytab is configured so that there is no shell hanging on /dev/tty01. If there is, both the shell and term will try to read from /dev/tty01, and nothing will work. SEE ALSO
rz(1), sz(1). TERM(1)

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dialups(4)							   File Formats 							dialups(4)

dialups - list of terminal devices requiring a dial-up password SYNOPSIS
/etc/dialups DESCRIPTION
dialups is an ASCII file which contains a list of terminal devices that require a dial-up password. A dial-up password is an additional password required of users who access the computer through a modem or dial-up port. The correct password must be entered before the user is granted access to the computer. The set of ports that require a dial-up password are listed in the dialups file. Each entry in the dialups file is a single line of the form: terminal-device where terminal-device The full path name of the terminal device that will require a dial-up password for users accessing the computer through a modem or dial-up port. The dialups file should be owned by the root user and the root group. The file should have read and write permissions for the owner (root) only. EXAMPLES
Example 1: A sample dialups file. Here is a sample dialups file: /dev/term/a /dev/term/b /dev/term/c FILES
/etc/d_passwd dial-up password file /etc/dialups list of dial-up ports requiring dial-up passwords SEE ALSO
d_passwd(4) SunOS 5.10 4 May 1994 dialups(4)
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