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SVC(1)							      General Commands Manual							    SVC(1)

svc, ci, co, svclog - shell version control system SYNOPSIS
ci [-lu] file co [-l] [-r rev] file svclog file OPTIONS
-l For ci, checkin, checkout again, and lock file -l For co, checkout file and then lock the archive -u After checking in, do not delete the file -r Check out revision rev instead most recent revision EXAMPLES
ci -u file # Check in file co -l file # Check out file and lock archive co -r 2 file # Check out version 2 DESCRIPTION
Svc is the Shell Version Control system, patterned on RCS. It maintains a sequence of versions in archive files, so that new versions can be checked in (added to the archive), and old versions can be checked out (made available). To create an archive for file, check it in with the -u flag. This action will prompt for a log message and then create an archive called file,S in the current directory, or in the subdirectory SVC if it exists. The file will not be deleted, but will be made unwritable. To update the file, check it out with the -l flag. Then modify it, and check it back in, giving a new message when prompted. After this process has been repeated many times, the archive will contain the entire history. Any version can be checked out using the -r flag. To get a printout of the history, use svclog. SVC(1)

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elf_rand(3E)															      elf_rand(3E)

elf_rand - random archive member access SYNOPSIS
[flag... ] file... [library] ... DESCRIPTION
and manipulate simple object files and archives. elf is an ELF descriptor previously returned from provides random archive processing, preparing elf to access an arbitrary archive member. elf must be a descriptor for the archive itself, not a member within the archive. offset gives the byte offset from the beginning of the archive to the archive header of the desired mem- ber. See elf_getarsym(3E) for more information about archive member offsets. When works, it returns offset. Otherwise it returns 0, because an error occurred, elf was null, or the file was not an archive (no archive member can have a zero offset). A program may mix ran- dom and sequential archive processing. EXAMPLES
An archive starts with a ``magic string'' that has bytes; the initial archive member follows immediately. An application could thus pro- vide the following function to rewind an archive (the function returns -1 for errors and 0 otherwise). #include <ar.h> #include <libelf.h> int rewindelf(Elf *elf) { if (elf_rand(elf, (size_t)SARMAG) == SARMAG) return 0; return -1; } SEE ALSO
ar(4), elf(3E), elf_begin(3E), elf_getarsym(3E), elf_next(3E). elf_rand(3E)
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