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RECOVER(1)						      General Commands Manual							RECOVER(1)

recover - recover files that have been removed. SYNOPSIS
recover file ... EXAMPLES
rm x; recover x # Unremove x recover a b c # Recover three files DESCRIPTION
MINIX allows files that have been deleted (e.g., with rm) to be restored (in /tmp). The trick is that when a file is unlinked, its i-node number is kept in the directory entry. As long as the directory entry and disk blocks are not reused, the file can be recovered. This program is actually just a little front end for de, which must be installed as a set-uid root executable. SEE ALSO
de(9). RECOVER(1)

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RECOVER(1)						      General Commands Manual							RECOVER(1)

recover - recover a deleted file SYNOPSIS
recover [device] [options] OPTIONS
-h, --help prints help -a, --all no filtering; dump all deleted inodes DESCRIPTION
recover recovers a file which matches some ext2 - info about the deleted inode by getting all the deleted inodes and filtering them. It's based upon the Ext2Undeletion-howto by Aaron Crane. Using this utility, your chances to recover a lost file should increase a lot. QUESTIONS ABOUT THE DELETED FILE
o Hard disk device name o Year of deletion o Month of deletion o Weekday of deletion o First/Last possible day of month o Min/Max possible file size o Min/Max possible deletion hour o Min/Max possible deletion minute o User ID of the deleted file o A text string the file included (can be ignored) BUGS
Please note that recover does not work with ext3 filesystems, it is strictly ext2-only. For further information on this, please read /usr/share/doc/recover/README.ext2only WARRANTY
There is no warranty. SEE ALSO
debugfs (8) AUTHOR
Tom Pycke ( WEBSITE November 4 1999 RECOVER(1)
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