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PREP(1) 						      General Commands Manual							   PREP(1)

prep - prepare a text file for statistical analysis SYNOPSIS
prep [file] OPTIONS
prep infile >outfile # Prepare infile DESCRIPTION
Prep strips off most of the troff commands from a text file and then outputs all the words, one word per line, in the order they occur in the file. This file can then be sorted and compared to a dictionary (as a spelling checker), or used for statistical analyses. SEE ALSO
nroff(1), spell(1). PREP(1)

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MVPA-PREP-FMRI(1)						   User Commands						 MVPA-PREP-FMRI(1)

mvpa-prep-fmri - preprocess fMRI data for PyMVPA SYNOPSIS
mvpa-prep-fmri [OPTIONS] <fmri-data> DESCRIPTION
Tiny tool to prepare a directory for a typical analysis of fMRI data with PyMVPA. Tools from the FSL suite will be used for preprocessing. It takes a 4D fMRI timeseries as input and performs the following steps: - extract an example volume - perform motion correction using the example volume as reference - conservative skull-stripping and brain mask generation - masking of the motion-corrected timeseries with the brain mask All results will be stored either in the current directory, or in a subdirectory with the subject ID (if specified). OPTIONS
--version show program's version number and exit -v VERBOSE, --verbose=VERBOSE, --verbosity=VERBOSE Verbosity level of output -h, --help, --sos Show this help message and exit -s SUBJ, --subject-id=SUBJ Subject ID used as output path -e EXFUNC, --example-func-vol=EXFUNC Volume (numeric ID or 'last', 'first', 'middle') to be used as an example functional image. Default: 10 -m MCFLIRT_OPTS, --mcflirt-options=MCFLIRT_OPTS Options for MCFLIRT. '-plots' is auto-added -p, --mcflirt-plots Create a .pdf with plots of motion parameters -b BET_OPTS, --bet-options=BET_OPTS Options for BET. '-m' is auto-added. Default: '-f 0.3' for a safe guess of the brain outline mvpa-prep-fmri 0.4.8 April 2012 MVPA-PREP-FMRI(1)
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