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PR(1)							      General Commands Manual							     PR(1)

pr - print a file SYNOPSIS
pr [-Mfnt] [-h n] [-l n] [-w n] [-columns] [+page] [file] ... OPTIONS
-M Use MINIX style line number -f Do not fold long lines -h Take next argument as page header -l Sets page length in lines -n Number the output lines -t Do not print page header or trailer -w Sets line length in characters EXAMPLES
pr -w85 -l60 file # Use 85 character line, 60 line page pr -3 file # List file three columns to a page pr +4 file # Start printing with page 4 DESCRIPTION
Pr formats one or more files for printing. If no files are specified, stdin is printed. Options are provided for setting the width and height of the page, the number of columns to use (default 1), and the page to start with, among others. SEE ALSO
lp(1). PR(1)

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PR(1)							      General Commands Manual							     PR(1)

pr - print file SYNOPSIS
pr [ option ... ] [ file ... ] DESCRIPTION
Pr produces a printed listing of one or more files on its standard output. The output is separated into pages headed by a date, the name of the file or a specified header, and the page number. With no file arguments, pr prints its standard input. Options apply to all following files but may be reset between files: -n Produce n-column output. +n Begin printing with page n. -b Balance columns on last page, in case of multi-column output. -d Double space. -en Set the tab stops for input text every n spaces. -h Take the next argument as a page header (file by default). -in Replace sequences of blanks in the output by tabs, using tab stops set every n spaces. -f Use formfeeds to separate pages. -ln Take the length of the page to be n lines instead of the default 66. -m Print all files simultaneously, each in one column. -n Number the lines of each file. -on Offset the left margin n character positions. -sc Separate columns by the single character c instead of aligning them with white space. A missing c is taken to be a tab. -t Do not print the 5-line header or the 5-line trailer normally supplied for each page. -wn For multi-column output, take the width of the page to be n characters instead of the default 72. SOURCE
/sys/src/cmd/pr.c SEE ALSO
cat(1), lp(1) PR(1)
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