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MODEM(1)						      General Commands Manual							  MODEM(1)

modem - switch the modem and getty state SYNOPSIS
modem [-o] [-i num] ttyn OPTIONS
-o Turn getty off and set modem to dialout -i Set line to dialin EXAMPLES
modem -o tty00 # Set tty00 to dialout modem -i2 tty00 # Set tty00 to dialin (2 rings) DESCRIPTION
The getty program allows a terminal port to be used for both dialin and dialout. This little program switches the getty state, and also sends some commands to the modem attached to the specified line. If the -o flag is presnt, modem will put the getty process (if any) con- nected to the specified line into SUSPEND state, which means that it will not pay attention to that line until it is reset to RESTART state. Also, modem will send some (Hayes) commands to the attached modem to disable the auto-nanswer mode. The -i flag specifies the num- ber of times the telephone has to ring before the modem may answer the call (to give the operator a chance). SEE ALSO
term(1), getty(8). MODEM(1)

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TERM(1) 						      General Commands Manual							   TERM(1)

term - turn PC into a dumb terminal [IBM] SYNOPSIS
term [baudrate] [parity] [bits_per_character] [-dial_string] [device] EXAMPLES
term 2400 # Talk to modem at 2400 baud term 1200 7 even # 1200 baud, 7 bits/char, even parity term 8 9600 /dev/tty01 # 9600 baud, 8 bits/char, no parity, use tty01 term -atdt12345 /dev/tty01 # Start with a command to dial out DESCRIPTION
Term allows MINIX to talk to a terminal or modem over RS232 port 1. The program first sets the baudrate, parity and character length, and then forks. The parent sits in a loop copying from stdin (usually the console's keyboard), to the terminal or modem (/dev/tty00). The child sits in a loop copying from the terminal or modem (/dev/tty00) to standard output. Thus when RS232 port 1 is connected to a modem, every keystroke typed on the keyboard is sent to the modem, and every character arriving from the modem is displayed. Standard input and output may be redirected, to provide a primitive file transfer program, with no checking. Any argument that starts with a minus ('-') is sent out to the modem, usually to dial out. Term accepts several commands that are formed by typing the escape character, CTRL-], and a letter. Type CTRL-]? to see a list of commands. The subshell command is very important, it allows you to type in a ZMODEM command to transfer data. Do not quit term to do this, or your modem line will be reset! Term keeps the modem line open on file descriptor 9 while running the subshell, so you can type <&9 >&9 at the end of your ZMODEM command to connect it to the modem. Important note: to use term, it is essential that /etc/ttytab is configured so that there is no shell hanging on /dev/tty01. If there is, both the shell and term will try to read from /dev/tty01, and nothing will work. SEE ALSO
rz(1), sz(1). TERM(1)
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