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MKPROTO(1)						      General Commands Manual							MKPROTO(1)

mkproto - create a MINIX prototype file SYNOPSIS
mkproto [-b n] [-d str] [-g n] [-i n] [-p nnn] [-s] [-t root] [-u n] source_directory [prototype_file] OPTIONS
-b Number of blocks in the prototype is n -d Indent the prototype file using str instead of tab -g Use n as the gid for all files and directories -i Number of i-nodes in the prototype is n -p Use nnn (3 octal digits) as the protection mode -s Use the same uid, gid and mode as the source files have -t Use the string root as the path prefix for every file -u Use n as the uid for all files and directories EXAMPLES
mkproto -b360 # Make a 360K prototype of this directory mkproto -u2 -g1 -p644 # Give all files uid 2, gid 1 and mode 644 DESCRIPTION
Mkproto creates an mkfs prototype file for the specified source-directory. The prototype file is either written to stdout or, if speci- fied, the proto-file. SEE ALSO
mkfs(1). MKPROTO(1)

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mkproto(8)							    Unsupported 							mkproto(8)

       mkproto - construct a prototype file system

       /etc/mkproto special proto

       The  command  is used to bootstrap a new file system.  First a new file system is created using The command is then used to copy files from
       the old file system into the new file system according to the directions found in the prototype file proto.  The  prototype  file  contains
       tokens  separated by spaces or new lines.  The first tokens comprise the specification for the root directory.  File specifications consist
       of tokens giving the mode, the user-id, the group id, and the initial contents of the file.  The syntax of the contents	field  depends	on
       the mode.

       The mode token for a file is a 6 character string.  The first character specifies the type of the file.	(The characters -bcd specify regu-
       lar, block special, character special and directory files respectively.)  The second character of the type is either u or - to specify set-
       user-id	mode or not.  The third is g or - for the set-group-id mode.  The rest of the mode is a three digit octal number giving the owner,
       group, and other read, write, execute permissions.  See

       Two decimal number tokens come after the mode; they specify the user and group ID's of the owner of the file.

       If the file is a regular file, the next token is a pathname whence the contents and size are copied.

       If the file is a block or character special file, two decimal number tokens follow which give the major and minor device numbers.

       If the file is a directory, makes the entries .	and ..	and then reads a list of names	and  (recursively)  file  specifications  for  the
       entries in the directory.  The scan is terminated with the token $.

       A sample prototype specification follows:

       d--777 3 1
       usr  d--777 3 1
	    sh	 ---755 3 1 /bin/sh
	    ken  d--755 6 1
	    b0	 b--644 3 1 0 0
	    c0	 c--644 3 1 0 0

       You can only run on virgin file systems.  It should be possible to copy files into existent file systems.

See Also
       dir(5), fs(5), fsck(8), newfs(8)

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