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MIXER(1)						      General Commands Manual							  MIXER(1)

mixer - manipulate mixer settings on a sound card SYNOPSIS
mixer [-r] DESCRIPTION
Mixer, invoked without arguments, turns the screen into a sound mixer. Levels can be changed with the cursor-left and cursor-right keys. Input and output settings can be toggled with the space bar. For every sound source there are two, or one when mono, sliders. The input controls have only effect when recording with the Dac. These settings can also be used to switch the left and right channels or, when both channels are enabled on both Dac channels, record in mono. To exit the mixer use the 'e' key. Mixer settings can be stored and restored with the 's' (store) and 'r' keys. When the store function is used Mixer will write the settings to a file in the user's home directory called .mixer. The restore function reads this file to restore saved settings. OPTIONS
-r restore settings saved in .mixer and exit immediately AUTHOR
Michel R. Prevenier ( MIXER(1)

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savemixer(8)						OSS System Administration Commands					      savemixer(8)

savemixer - Open Sound System program for saving and restoring mixer settings. SYNOPSIS
savemixer [-LVv] [-f <fname>] DESCRIPTION
The savemixer program saves mixer settings. It can also load saved mixer settings back into the mixer. Running this program without any parameters will save the current mixer settings into /var/lib/oss4/ or $OSSVARDIR/ file. OSSVARDIR is decided by reading /etc/oss.conf, and defaults to /var/lib/oss4. AUTOMATIC SAVE
By default the soundoff command will automatically run savemixer to save the active mixer settings. See the manual page for soundoff(1) if you like to turn this feature off. OPTIONS
-f<fname> Use <fname> as setting file. -L Loads saved mixer and device map information from -V Version information. -v Verbose output. SEE ALSO
soundoff(1), soundon(1), ossdetect(1), ossdevlinks(1), ossmix(1), ossxmix(1) FILES
/etc/oss.conf /usr/sbin/savemixer /var/lib/oss4/ /var/lib/oss4/ /var/lib/oss4/applist.conf AUTHOR
4Front Technologies 16 December 2012 savemixer(8)
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