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KILL(1) 						      General Commands Manual							   KILL(1)

kill - send a signal to a process SYNOPSIS
kill [-n] process OPTIONS
-n Signal number to send -NAME Named signal to send EXAMPLES
kill 35 # Send signal 15 to process 35 kill -9 40 # Send signal 9 to process 40 kill -2 0 # Send signal 2 to whole terminal process group kill -HUP -123 # Send a hangup to process group 123 DESCRIPTION
A signal is sent to a given process. By default signal 15 (SIGTERM) is sent. Process 0 means all the processes in the sender's process group. A process group can be signalled by the negative value of the process group ID. Signals may be numerical, or the name of the sig- nal without SIG. SEE ALSO
kill(2), sigaction(2). KILL(1)

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KILL(1)                                                            User Commands                                                           KILL(1)

kill - send a signal to a process SYNOPSIS
kill [options] <pid> [...] DESCRIPTION
The default signal for kill is TERM. Use -l or -L to list available signals. Particularly useful signals include HUP, INT, KILL, STOP, CONT, and 0. Alternate signals may be specified in three ways: -9, -SIGKILL or -KILL. Negative PID values may be used to choose whole process groups; see the PGID column in ps command output. A PID of -1 is special; it indicates all processes except the kill process itself and init. OPTIONS
<pid> [...] Send signal to every <pid> listed. -<signal> -s <signal> --signal <signal> Specify the signal to be sent. The signal can be specified by using name or number. The behavior of signals is explained in sig- nal(7) manual page. -l, --list [signal] List signal names. This option has optional argument, which will convert signal number to signal name, or other way round. -L, --table List signal names in a nice table. NOTES Your shell (command line interpreter) may have a built-in kill command. You may need to run the command described here as /bin/kill to solve the conflict. EXAMPLES
kill -9 -1 Kill all processes you can kill. kill -l 11 Translate number 11 into a signal name. kill -L List the available signal choices in a nice table. kill 123 543 2341 3453 Send the default signal, SIGTERM, to all those processes. SEE ALSO
kill(2), killall(1), nice(1), pkill(1), renice(1), signal(7), skill(1) STANDARDS
This command meets appropriate standards. The -L flag is Linux-specific. AUTHOR
Albert Cahalan <> wrote kill in 1999 to replace a bsdutils one that was not standards compliant. The util-linux one might also work correctly. REPORTING BUGS
Please send bug reports to <> procps-ng October 2011 KILL(1)
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