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FGREP(1)						      General Commands Manual							  FGREP(1)

fgrep - fixed grep SYNOPSIS
fgrep [-cfhlnsv] [string_file] [string] [file] ... OPTIONS
-c Count matching lines and only print count, not the lines -f Take strings from file named in following argument -h Omit file headers from printout -l List file names once only -n Each line is preceded by its line number -s Status only, no output -v Print only lines not matching EXAMPLES
fgrep % prog.c # Print lines containing % sign fgrep -f pattern prog.c # Take strings from pattern DESCRIPTION
Fgrep is essentially the same as grep, except that it only searches for lines containing literal strings (no wildcard characters). The pattern may consist of several lines with one string to search on each line. SEE ALSO
cgrep(1), grep(1). FGREP(1)

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GREP(1) 						      General Commands Manual							   GREP(1)

grep - search a file for lines containing a given pattern SYNOPSIS
grep [-elnsv] pattern [file] ... OPTIONS
-e -e pattern is the same as pattern -c Print a count of lines matched -i Ignore case -l Print file names, no lines -n Print line numbers -s Status only, no printed output -v Select lines that do not match EXAMPLES
grep mouse file # Find lines in file containing mouse grep [0-9] file # Print lines containing a digit DESCRIPTION
Grep searches one or more files (by default, stdin) and selects out all the lines that match the pattern. All the regular expressions accepted by ed and mined are allowed. In addition, + can be used instead of * to mean 1 or more occurrences, ? can be used to mean 0 or 1 occurrences, and | can be used between two regular expressions to mean either one of them. Parentheses can be used for grouping. If a match is found, exit status 0 is returned. If no match is found, exit status 1 is returned. If an error is detected, exit status 2 is returned. SEE ALSO
cgrep(1), fgrep(1), sed(1), awk(9). GREP(1)
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