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ED(1)							      General Commands Manual							     ED(1)

ed - editor SYNOPSIS
ed file OPTIONS
- Suppress line/byte count messages (for in scripts) EXAMPLES
ed prog.c # Edit prog.c echo '1,$p' | ed - file # Odd way to write 'cat file' DESCRIPTION
Ed is functionally equivalent to the standard V7 editor, ed. It supports the following commands: (.) a: append (.,.)c: change (.,.)d: delete e: edit new file" f: print name of edited file" (1,$)g: global command (.) i: insert (.,.+1)j: join lines together (.) k: mark (.) l: print with special characters in octal (.,.)m: move (.,.)p: print q: quit editor" (.) r: read in new file (.,.)s: substitute (1,$)v: like g, except select lines that do not match (1,$)w: write out edited file Many of the commands can take one or two addresses, as indicated above. The defaults are shown in parentheses. Thus a appends to the cur- rent line, and g works on the whole file as default. The dot refers to the current line. Below is a sample editing session with comments given following the # symbol. ed prog.c # Edit prog.c 3,20p # Print lines 3 through 20 /whole/ # Find next occurence of whole s/whole/while/ # Replace whole by while g/Buf/s//BUF/g # Replace Buf by BUF everywhere w # Write the file back q # Exit the editor Ed is provided for its sentimental value. If you want a line-oriented editor, try ex. If you want a good editor, use elle, elvis, or mined. SEE ALSO
elvis(1), elle(9), mined(9). ED(1)

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VIDIR(1)																  VIDIR(1)

vidir - edit directory SYNOPSIS
vidir [--verbose] [directory|file|-] ... DESCRIPTION
vidir allows editing of the contents of a directory in a text editor. If no directory is specified, the current directory is edited. When editing a directory, each item in the directory will appear on its own numbered line. These numbers are how vidir keeps track of what items are changed. Delete lines to remove files from the directory, or edit filenames to rename files. You can also switch pairs of numbers to swap filenames. Note that if "-" is specified as the directory to edit, it reads a list of filenames from stdin and displays those for editing. Alternatively, a list of files can be specified on the command line. OPTIONS
-v, --verbose Verbosely display the actions taken by the program. EXAMPLES
vidir vidir *.jpeg Typical uses. find | vidir - Edit subdirectory contents too. To delete subdirectories, delete all their contents and the subdirectory itself in the editor. find -type f | vidir - Edit all files under the current directory and subdirectories. ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES
EDITOR Editor to use. VISUAL Also supported to determine what editor to use. AUTHOR
Copyright 2006 by Joey Hess <> Licensed under the GNU GPL. moreutils 2010-04-28 VIDIR(1)
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