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DIFF(1) 						      General Commands Manual							   DIFF(1)

diff - print differences between two files SYNOPSIS
diff [-c | -e | -C n] [-br]file1 file2 OPTIONS
-C n Produce output that contains n lines of context -b Ignore white space when comparing -c Produce output that contains three lines of context -e Produce an ed-script to convert file1 into file2 -r Apply diff recursively to files and directories of EXAMPLES
diff file1 file2 # Print differences between 2 files diff -C 0 file1 file2 # Same as above diff -C 3 file1 file2 # Output three lines of context with every diff -c file1 file2 # Same diff /etc /dev # Compares recursively the directories /etc and /dev diff passwd /etc # Compares ./passwd to /etc/passwd DESCRIPTION
the same name, when file1 and file2 are both directories" difference encountered" Diff compares two files and generates a list of lines telling how the two files differ. Lines may not be longer than 128 characters. If the two arguments on the command line are both directories, diff recursively steps through all subdirectories comparing files of the same name. If a file name is found only in one directory, a diagnostic message is written to stdout. A file that is of either block special, character special or FIFO special type, cannot be compared to any other file. On the other hand, if there is one directory and one file given on the command line, diff tries to compare the file with the same name as file in the directory directory. SEE ALSO
cdiff(1), cmp(1), comm(1), patch(1). DIFF(1)

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XZDIFF(1)							     XZ Utils								 XZDIFF(1)

xzcmp, xzdiff, lzcmp, lzdiff - compare compressed files SYNOPSIS
xzcmp [cmp_options] file1 [file2] xzdiff [diff_options] file1 [file2] lzcmp [cmp_options] file1 [file2] lzdiff [diff_options] file1 [file2] DESCRIPTION
xzcmp and xdiff invoke cmp(1) or diff(1) on files compressed with xz(1), lzma(1), gzip(1), or bzip2(1). All options specified are passed directly to cmp or diff. If only one file is specified, then the files compared are file1 (which must have a suffix of a supported com- pression format) and file1 from which the compression format suffix has been stripped. If two files are specified, then they are uncom- pressed if necessary and fed to cmp(1) or diff(1). The exit status from cmp or diff is preserved. The names lzcmp and lzdiff are provided for backward compatibility with LZMA Utils. SEE ALSO
cmp(1), diff(1), xz(1), gzip(1), bzip2(1), zdiff(1) BUGS
Messages from the cmp(1) or diff(1) programs refer to temporary filenames instead of those specified. Tukaani 2009-07-05 XZDIFF(1)
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