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dh_testdir(1) [minix man page]

DH_TESTDIR(1)							     Debhelper							     DH_TESTDIR(1)

dh_testdir - test directory before building Debian package SYNOPSIS
dh_testdir [debhelperoptions] [file...] DESCRIPTION
dh_testdir tries to make sure that you are in the correct directory when building a Debian package. It makes sure that the file debian/control exists, as well as any other files you specify. If not, it exits with an error. OPTIONS
file ... Test for the existence of these files too. SEE ALSO
debhelper(7) This program is a part of debhelper. AUTHOR
Joey Hess <> 11.1.6ubuntu2 2018-05-10 DH_TESTDIR(1)

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DH_INSTALLMENU(1)						     Debhelper							 DH_INSTALLMENU(1)

dh_installmenu - install Debian menu files into package build directories SYNOPSIS
dh_installmenu [debhelperoptions] [-n] DESCRIPTION
dh_installmenu is a debhelper program that is responsible for installing files used by the Debian menu package into package build directories. It also automatically generates the postinst and postrm commands needed to interface with the Debian menu package. These commands are inserted into the maintainer scripts by dh_installdeb(1). FILES
debian/ Debian menu files, installed into usr/share/menu/package in the package build directory. See menufile(5) for its format. debian/ Debian menu method files, installed into etc/menu-methods/package in the package build directory. OPTIONS
-n, --no-scripts Do not modify postinst/postrm scripts. SEE ALSO
debhelper(7) update-menus(1) menufile(5) This program is a part of debhelper. AUTHOR
Joey Hess <> 11.1.6ubuntu2 2018-05-10 DH_INSTALLMENU(1)
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