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CLR(1)							      General Commands Manual							    CLR(1)

clr - clear the screen SYNOPSIS
clr # Clear the screen DESCRIPTION
All text is removed from the screen, resulting in an empty screen with the cursor positioned in the upper left-hand corner. CLR(1)

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SCREEN-IR(1)							   Axel Beckert 						      SCREEN-IR(1)

screen-ir -- Interactively Reattach to GNU Screen sessions SYNOPSIS
screen-ir [additional screen options ...] DESCRIPTION
screen-ir uses iSelect(1) to interactively reattach to running screen sessions. Use the screen option -d or -D if you want to reattach to attached screen sessions. Use the screen option -x if you want to attach to screen sessions without detaching them. FILES
screen-ir sources ~/.screen-irrc if it exists. It recognizes two variables: The contents of SCREEN_OPTIONS is given to screen(1) as command-line options. Default is -r. Use e.g. -rd if you always want to reattach to already attached screen sessions. The contents of ISELECT_OPTIONS is given to iselect(1) as command-line options. Default is empty. Use e.g. -f if you always want to see the interactive selection, even if there's only one screen session running, i.e. you have no choice. AUTHOR
Axel Beckert <> SEE ALSO
screen(1), iselect(1) EN
2011-09-04 SCREEN-IR(1)
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