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CALENDAR(1)						      General Commands Manual						       CALENDAR(1)

calendar - reminder service SYNOPSIS
calendar [-] [-r] OPTIONS
- Work for every user and send mail to him -r Restrict multiple execution on the same day EXAMPLES
calendar # Check calendar file in current directory calendar # Normary used under the control of cron(8) calendar -r # Normary used in /etc/rc file DESCRIPTION
Basically calendar program consults the file calendar in the current directory and display lines which contain today's or tomorrow's date. Month-day formats such as '12/25', 'Dec. 25', 'december 25', '*/25', '12/*', '*/*' are recognized. The asterisk means 'all' days or 'all' months. On weekends 'tomorrow' extends through next Monday without any consideration about holidays. To prevent ambiguity, the formats '25 Dec.' and '25/12' are not recognized. When an argument - is present, calendar works for all users with a file calendar in their login directories and sends them mail. Normally this is done daily under the control of cron. The -r option does its the same job as - option, but touches the calendar to prevents further access on the same day. Normally this is done in the /etc/rc file on a machine which may be booted several times in one day. SEE ALSO
cron(8). CALENDAR(1)

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calendar(1)						      General Commands Manual						       calendar(1)

       calendar - calendar reminder service

       calendar [-]

       The  command  consults the file `calendar' in the current directory and prints out lines that contain today's or tomorrow's date.  The com-
       mand recognizes most month-day dates, such as Dec. 7, december 7, 12/7, but it does not recognize dates formatted in the following ways:  7
       December  or  7/12.  If you give the month as * with a date, such as, * 1, that day in any month will do.  On weekends, specifying tomorrow
       extends through Monday.

       When an argument is present, the command searches through a user's calendar file in his login directory and sends him any positive  results
       by Normally this is done daily under control of

       The  calendar  file  is	first  run  through  the  C  preprocessor, to include any other calendar files specified with the #include syntax.
       Included calendars are shared by all users, and are maintained and documented by the local administration.

       -    Functions for every user who has a calendar file in his login directory.

       The extended idea of tomorrow does not account for holidays.

       /usr/lib/calendar to figure out today's and tomorrow's dates
       /lib/cpp, egrep, sed, mail as subprocesses

See Also
       at(1), cron(8), mail(1)

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