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Minix 2.0 - man page for btoa (minix section 1)

BTOA(1) 						      General Commands Manual							   BTOA(1)

btoa - binary to ascii conversion
btoa [-adhor] [infile] [outfile]
-a Decode, rather than encode, the file -d Extracts repair file from diagnosis file -h Help menu is displayed giving the options -o The obsolete algorithm is used for backward compatibility -r Repair a damaged file
btoa <a.out >a.btoa # Convert a.out to ASCII btoa -a <a.btoa >a.out # Reverse the above
Btoa is a filter that converts a binary file to ascii for transmission over a telephone line. If two file names are provided, the first in used for input and the second for output. If only one is provided, it is used as the input file. The program is a functionally similar alternative to uue/uud, but the encoding is completely different. Since both of these are widely used, both have been provided with MINIX. The file is expanded about 25 percent in the process.
uue(1), uud(1). BTOA(1)