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BSFILT(1)						      General Commands Manual							 BSFILT(1)

bsfilt, colcrt - a colcrt-like backspace filter SYNOPSIS
bsfilt [ - ] [ -U ] [ file ... ] DESCRIPTION
Bsfilt filters backspace sequences from the input file(s) (standard input if none) in an approximation of colcrt(1). Both the backspace and the character it returns to are removed, unless they form an underline sequence. Underline sequences are treated according to the set- tings of the - and -U options. OPTIONS
- specifies that no underlining of any kind is to be propagated. Without this option or the -U option, bsfilt approximates underlin- ing with minus signs (`-') in following lines. -U specifies that underlining with underscore (`_') and backspace (`) character sequences is permitted. SEE ALSO
cawf(1), colcrt(1) and nroff(1). DIAGNOSTICS
Diagnostic messages are delivered to the standard error file. HISTORY
Vic Abell of Purdue University wrote bsfilt to have a backspace filter for cawf(1) that is independent of licensed source code. BUGS
The maximum length of a line that can be underlined with minus signs is fixed. Bsfilt does not examine the characters that are being overprinted via backspace operations. Thus, overprinting that is intended to form a new character from several different ones is ineffective and only the last character of the sequence is propagated - e. g., ``o^H+'', intended to look like a bullet, is reduced to `+'. February, 1991 BSFILT(1)

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COLCRT(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 						 COLCRT(1)

colcrt -- filter nroff output for CRT previewing SYNOPSIS
colcrt [-] [-2] [file ...] DESCRIPTION
The colcrt utility provides virtual half-line and reverse line feed sequences for terminals without such capability, and on which overstrik- ing is destructive. Half-line characters and underlining (changed to dashing `-') are placed on new lines in between the normal output lines. The following options are available: - Suppress all underlining. This option is especially useful for previewing allboxed tables from tbl(1). -2 Cause all half-lines to be printed, effectively double spacing the output. Normally, a minimal space output format is used which will suppress empty lines. The program never suppresses two consecutive empty lines, however. The -2 option is useful for sending output to the line printer when the output contains superscripts and subscripts which would otherwise be invisible. ENVIRONMENT
The LANG, LC_ALL and LC_CTYPE environment variables affect the execution of colcrt as described in environ(7). EXAMPLES
A typical use of colcrt would be tbl exum2.n | nroff -ms | colcrt - | more DIAGNOSTICS
The colcrt utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs. SEE ALSO
col(1), more(1), nroff(1), troff(1), ul(1) BUGS
Should fold underlines onto blanks even with the '-' option so that a true underline character would show. Can't back up more than 102 lines. General overstriking is lost; as a special case '|' overstruck with '-' or underline becomes '+'. Lines are trimmed to 132 characters. Some provision should be made for processing superscripts and subscripts in documents which are already double-spaced. Characters that take up more than one column position may not be underlined correctly. HISTORY
The colcrt command appeared in 3.0BSD. BSD
July 31, 2004 BSD
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