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UUIDD(8)										 UUIDD(8)

       uuidd - UUID generation daemon

       uuidd [-d] [-p pidfile] [-s socketpath] [-T timeout]
       uuidd [-r|-t] [-n number] [-s socketpath]
       uuidd -k

       The  uuidd  daemon  is used by the UUID library to generate universally unique identifiers
       (UUIDs), especially time-based UUIDs, in a secure and guaranteed-unique fashion,  even  in
       the face of large numbers of threads running on different CPUs trying to grab UUIDs.

       -d     Run uuidd in debugging mode.  This prevents uuidd from running as a daemon.

       -k     If currently a uuidd daemon is running, kill it.

       -n number
	      When  issuing  a test request to a running uuidd, request a bulk response of number

       -p pidfile
	      Specify the pathname where the pid file should be written.   By  default,  the  pid
	      file is written to /var/run/uuidd/uuidd.pid.

       -s socketpath
	      Specify  the  pathname  used for the unix-domain socket used by uuidd.  By default,
	      the pathname used is /var/run/uuidd/request.  This is primarily for debugging  pur-
	      poses, since the pathname is hard-coded in the libuuid library.

       -r     Test  uuidd by trying to connect to a running uuidd daemon and request it to return
	      a random-based UUID.

       -t     Test uuidd by trying to connect to a running uuidd daemon and request it to  return
	      a time-based UUID.

       -T timeout
	      Specify a timeout for uuidd.  If specified, then uuidd will exit after timeout sec-
	      onds of inactivity.

       -q     Turn on quiet flag.

       The uuidd daemon  was written by Theodore Ts'o <tytso@mit.edu>.

       uuidd  is  part	of  the  util-linux  package  and  is	available   from   ftp://ftp.ker-

       uuid(3), uuidgen(1)

Linux					     May 2009					 UUIDD(8)
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