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TRACEROUTE6(8)			 System Manager's Manual: iputils		   TRACEROUTE6(8)

       traceroute6 - traces path to a network host

       traceroute6 [-dnrvV] [-i interface] [-m max_ttl] [-p port] [-q max_probes] [-s source] [-w
       wait time] destination [size]

       Description can be found in traceroute(8), all the references to IP replaced to	IPv6.  It
       is needless to copy the description from there.

       traceroute(8), tracepath(8), ping(8).

       This  program has long history. Author of traceroute is Van Jacobson and it first appeared
       in 1988. This clone is based on a port of traceroute to IPv6 published in NRL IPv6 distri-
       bution  in 1996. In turn, it was ported to Linux by Pedro Roque. After this it was kept in
       sync by Alexey Kuznetsov <kuznet@ms2.inr.ac.ru>. And eventually entered iputils package.

       tracepath6 requires CAP_NET_RAWIO capability to be executed. It is safe to be used as set-
       uid root.

       traceroute6  is	part  of iputils package and the latest versions are  available in source
       form at http://www.skbuff.net/iputils/iputils-current.tar.bz2.

iputils-101006				 08 November 2011			   TRACEROUTE6(8)
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