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NUKE(8) 										  NUKE(8)

       nuke - launch nuclear weapons at mapped USENET sites

       /etc/nuke [-y yield] [-a height] [-hcm] sitename...

       Nuke  employs the `missile coordinate' fields in the USENET map database and Internet con-
       nections to a server interfaced with AUTOVON to lob nuclear weapons at other  UNIX  sites,
       specified  by  name.   The  default warhead is a single 25KT groundburst tac nuke; options
       support other combinations of warhead size, type and deployment.

       The -y option specifies a yield.  The argument must be a number suffixed by K  or  M,  for
       kiloton or megaton respectively.  Yield arguments above 255M are quietly ignored.

       The -a option specifies an air-burst height in meters.

       The -h option specifies thermonuclear (hydrogen) weapons.

       The -c option specifies cobalt-jacketed warheads for permanent site interdiction.

       The -m option, useful with multiple-site nuke calls, invokes code which optimizes delivery
       using MIRVed warheads to minimize launches.

       In accordance with the normal UNIX design philosophy nuke does not prevent you from nuking

       /usr/lib/maps/*		USENET map file database

       If  a target site has given only nearest-city coordinates in its map entry, incorrect tar-
       geting and significant collateral casualties may result.

       Heavy use of nuke may cause EMP effects which interfere with Internet service.

       This command is restricted to super-users only.

       Eric S. Raymond <esr@thyrsus.com>

UNIX					 13 October 1991				  NUKE(8)
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