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NTPQ(8) 										  NTPQ(8)

       ntp-wait - wait for NTP server to synchronize

       ntp-wait [ -f ] [ -n tries ] [ -s sleep ] [ -v ]

       ntp-wait waits until the locally running ntpd is in state 4 (synchronized).  This could be
       useful at boot time, to delay the boot sequence until after "ntpd -g" has set the time.

       -f     Force hard failure if state is unknown.

       -n tries
	      Number of tries before giving up (default 1000 = 10min+)

       -s sleep
	      Seconds to sleep between tries (default 6s = 10/min)

       -v     Be verbose.

Network Time Protocol			 October 7, 2006				  NTPQ(8)
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