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nameif(8) [linux man page]

NAMEIF(8)						  Linux's Administrator's Manual						 NAMEIF(8)

nameif - name network interfaces based on MAC addresses SYNOPSIS
nameif [-c configfile] [-s] nameif [-c configfile] [-s] {interface macaddress} DESCRIPTION
nameif renames network interfaces based on mac addresses. When no arguments are given /etc/mactab is read. Each line of it contains an interface name and a Ethernet MAC address. Comments are allowed starting with #. Otherwise the interfaces specified on the command line are processed. nameif looks for the interface with the given MAC address and renames it to the name given. When the -s argument is given all error messages go to the syslog. When the -c argument is given with a file name that file is read instead of /etc/mactab. NOTES
nameif should be run before the interface is up, otherwise it'll fail. FILES
/etc/mactab BUGS
Only works for Ethernet currently. net-tools 18 Oct 2000 NAMEIF(8)

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XVIF(4) 						 BSD/xen Kernel Interfaces Manual						   XVIF(4)

xvif -- Xen backend paravirtualized network interface SYNOPSIS
pseudo-device xvif DESCRIPTION
The xvif interface forms the backend part of the paravirtualized drivers used by Xen domains to offer network connectivity. When the guest domain is NetBSD, the endpoint of the xvif interface is a xennet(4) interface. In the XenStore, xvif and xennet are identi- fied by ``vif'' (virtual interface) entries. All xvif interfaces follow the ``xvifXiY'' naming convention, where 'X' represents the guest domain identifier, and 'Y' an arbitrary identi- fier; most of the time, it is the frontend interface identifier, e.g. ``xennetY''. For convenience, the MAC address of an xvif interface is chosen by incrementing the third byte of the MAC address of the frontend device. Conceptually, frontends and backends drivers are similar to two Ethernet cards connected via a crossover cable. DIAGNOSTICS
xvif%di%d: can't read %s/mac: %d The MAC address for this interface could not be read from XenStore. xvif%di%d: %s is not a valid mac address The MAC address specified in the configuration file of the newly created guest domain is invalid. xvif%di%d: Ethernet address %s MAC address of the xvif interface. SEE ALSO
ifmedia(4), xennet(4), ifconfig(8) HISTORY
The xvif driver first appeared in NetBSD 4.0. AUTHORS
The xvif driver was written by Manuel Bouyer <>. BSD
April 7, 2011 BSD

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