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HTTXT2DBM(8)				    httxt2dbm				     HTTXT2DBM(8)

       httxt2dbm - Generate dbm files for use with RewriteMap

       httxt2dbm [ -v ] [ -f DBM_TYPE ] -i SOURCE_TXT -o OUTPUT_DBM

       httxt2dbm  is  used  to generate dbm files from text input, for use in RewriteMap with the
       dbm map type.

       -v     More verbose output

       -f DBM_TYPE
	      Specify the DBM type to be used for the output. If not specified, will use the  APR
	      Default. Available types are:
	       GDBM for GDBM files
	       SDBM for SDBM files
	       DB for berkeley DB files
	       NDBM for NDBM files
	       default for the default DBM type

       -i SOURCE_TXT
	      Input  file  from  which the dbm is to be created. The file should be formated with
	      one record per line, of the form:
	       key value See the documentation for RewriteMap for further details of this  file's
	      format and meaning.

       -o OUTPUT_DBM
	      Name of the output dbm files.

       httxt2dbm -i rewritemap.txt -o rewritemap.dbm

       httxt2dbm -f SDBM -i rewritemap.txt -o rewritemap.dbm

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