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CPPW(8) 										  CPPW(8)

       cppw, cpgr - copy with locking the given file to the password or group file

       cppw [-h] [-s] password_file
       cpgr [-h] [-s] group_file

       cppw  and  cpgr	will  copy,  with  locking, the given file to /etc/passwd and /etc/group,
       respectively.  With the -s flag, they will  copy  the  shadow  versions	of  those  files,
       /etc/shadow and /etc/gshadow, respectively.

       With the -h flag, the commands display a short help message and exit silently.

       vipw(8), vigr(8), group(5), passwd(5), shadow(5), gshadow(5)

       cppw and cpgr were written by Stephen Frost, based on vipw and vigr written by Guy Maor.

					    7 Apr 2005					  CPPW(8)
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