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       check-passwd - check for empty or duplicate system accounts.


       The  check-passwd  command  scans the system password file, and looks for either duplicate
       accounts or accounts without a password set.  This is a plugin which is invoked by  check-
       security (8) if enabled.

       The  check-passwd.conf  file defines the configuration variables: CHECK_PASSWORD_WARN_UIDS
       and CHECK_PASSWORD_WARN_DUPLICATES Each is described below.

       The CHECK_PASSWORD_WARN_EMPTY variable  controls  whether  this	script	will  warn  about
       accounts   with	empty  passwords.   Valid  values  are	TRUE  or  FALSE  The  CHECK_PASS-
       WORD_WARN_UIDS variable controls whether this script will warn  about  duplicate  accounts
       sharing the same UID within the passwords file.	Valid values are TRUE or FALSE

	      Specifies whether this script is invoked

	      The configuration file.

Debian Linux				 2 February 1997			  CHECK-PASSWD(8)
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