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ATD(8)											   ATD(8)

       atd - run jobs queued for later execution

       atd [-l load_avg] [-b batch_interval] [-d] [-f] [-s]

       atd runs jobs queued by at(1).

       -l      Specifies a limiting load factor, over which batch jobs should not be run, instead
	       of the compile-time choice of 1.5.  For an SMP system with n CPUs, you will proba-
	       bly want to set this higher than n-1.

       -b      Specify	the  minimum  interval in seconds between the start of two batch jobs (60

       -d      Debug; print error messages to standard error instead of  using	syslog(3).   This
	       option also implies -f.

       -f      Run atd in the foreground.

       -s      Process	the at/batch queue only once.  This is primarily of use for compatibility
	       with old versions of at; atd -s is equivalent to the old atrun command.	A  script
	       invoking atd -s is installed as /usr/sbin/atrun for backward compatibility.

       atd won't work if its spool directory is mounted via NFS even if no_root_squash is set.

       /var/spool/cron/atjobs The directory for storing jobs; this should be mode 700, owner dae-

       /var/spool/cron/atspool The directory for storing output; this should be mode  700,  owner

       /etc/at.allow, /etc/at.deny determine who can use the at system.

       at(1), atrun(1), cron(8), crontab(1), syslog(3), at.deny(5), at.allow(5).

       The functionality of atd should be merged into cron(8).

					    2009-11-14					   ATD(8)
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