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modules(5) [linux man page]

MODULES(5)							File Formats Manual							MODULES(5)

/etc/modules - kernel modules to load at boot time DESCRIPTION
The /etc/modules file contains the names of kernel modules that are to be loaded at boot time, one per line. Arguments can be given in the same line as the module name. Lines beginning with a '#' are ignored. SEE ALSO
depmod(8) modprobe(8) modprobe.conf(5) Debian GNU/Linux Version 1.2 MODULES(5)

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MODULES.DEP(5)							    modules.dep 						    MODULES.DEP(5)

modules.dep, modules.dep.bin - Module dependency information SYNOPSIS
/lib/modules/modules.dep /lib/modules/modules.dep.bin DESCRIPTION
modules.dep.bin is a binary file generated by depmod listing the dependencies for every module in the directories under /lib/modules/version. It is used by kmod tools such as modprobe and libkmod. Its text counterpar is located in the same directory with the name modules.dep. The text version is maintained only for easy of reading by humans and is in no way used by any kmod tool. These files are not intended for editing or use by any additional utilities as their format is subject to change in the future. You should use the modinfo(8) command to obtain information about modules in a future proof and compatible fashion rather than touching these files. COPYRIGHT
This manual page originally Copyright 2002, Rusty Russell, IBM Corporation. Maintained by Jon Masters and others. SEE ALSO
depmod(8), modprobe(8) AUTHORS
Jon Masters <> Developer Lucas De Marchi <> Developer kmod 01/28/2018 MODULES.DEP(5)

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