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APPARMOR.VIM(5) 			     AppArmor				  APPARMOR.VIM(5)

       apparmor.vim - vim syntax highlighting file for AppArmor profiles

       The SUSE vim package is configured to automatically use syntax highlighting for AppArmor
       policies stored in /etc/apparmor.d/ and the extra policies stored in
       /etc/apparmor/profiles/extras/. If you wish to use the syntax highlighting in a specific
       vim session, you may run:

	:syntax on
	:setf apparmor

       apparmor.vim provides syntax highlighting rules for the vim(1) text editor; the rules
       provide an easy visual method to inspect AppArmor profiles for syntax correctness and

       The colors indicate the relative severity of granting a specific set of privileges.
       Ranking access with colors is necessarily generic and vague, but it may help you
       understand your profiles better.

       apparmor.vim does not properly detect dark versus light backgrounds.  Patches accepted. If
       you find any bugs, please report them at

       vim(1), apparmor(7), apparmor.d(5), aa_change_hat(2), and <http://wiki.apparmor.net>.

AppArmor 2.7.0~beta1			    2010-12-20				  APPARMOR.VIM(5)
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