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MOTD.TAIL(5)						   Debian Administrator's Manual					      MOTD.TAIL(5)

motd.tail - Template for building the system message of the day DESCRIPTION
On Debian systems, the system message of the day is rebuilt at each startup, in order to display an accurate information. /etc/motd.tail is the file to edit permanent changes to the message of the day. OVERVIEW
The initiation script /etc/init.d/ prepends a line containing information about the system to /etc/motd.tail and stores the resulting file in /var/run/motd. /etc/motd is a symbolic link to /var/run/motd. This is done to prevent changes to /etc as the system can not assume /etc to be writable. Changes to /etc/motd effectively end up in a file under /var/run which will be regenerated upon reboot. A symbolic link to a different file, such as /etc/motd.static disables this behaviour. FILES
/etc/init.d/ The initiation script which builds /var/run/motd /etc/motd Symbolic link to the system message of the day at /var/run/motd /etc/motd.tail Template for building the system message of the day /var/run/motd System message of the day file rebuilt at each computer start SEE ALSO
login(1), issue(5), motd(5). Debian 2007-04-28 MOTD.TAIL(5)

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imapd(8)						      System Manager's Manual							  imapd(8)

imapd - Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) server process SYNOPSIS
/usr/sbin/imapd DESCRIPTION
The IMAP4rev1 server, imapd, accepts commands on its standard input and responds on its standard output. It is normally invoked by the inetd command and it reads its configuration options out of the imapd.conf file. If you want to take the IMAP server off line for a period of time, you should notify the client systems. To do this, create a msg/shutdown file, edit it, and state the reason for the shut down. Set the owner of the msg directory and the shutdown file to be the imap user. When a client system tries to access the server, imapd sends the first line contained in the shutdown file to the client and closes the connec- tion. If you want to send a message to the IMAP clients without disabling connections, create a msg/motd file, edit it, and add your message. Set the owner of the msg directory and the motd file to be the imap user. The server sends the first line contained in the file to the clients upon connection as an ALERT message, which IMAP-compliant clients are required to display. Access to mailboxes is unaffected. For debugging purposes, create a log/user directory. When this directory exists, the imapd daemon creates protocol telemetry logs for ses- sions authenticating as user. The telemetry logs are stored in the log/user directory with the file name of the imapd process id. The msg/shutdown and msg/motd files and the log/user directory should be created under the directory specified in the configdirectory con- figuration option of the imapd.conf file. The default value is /var/imap, as in /var/imap/msg/motd. FILES
Configuration file for the IMAP server SEE ALSO
Commands: cyradm(1), deliver(8), imapd(8), imapquota(8), inetd(8), reconstruct(8) Files: imapd.conf(4) Network Administration imapd(8)
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