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Date::Language::Hungarian(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Date::Language::Hungarian(3pm)

       Date::Language::Hungarian - Magyar format for Date::Format

	       my $lang = Date::Language->new('Hungarian');
	       print $lang->time2str("%a %b %e %T %Y", time);

	       @lt = localtime(time);
	       print $lang->time2str($template, time);
	       print $lang->strftime($template, @lt);

	       print $lang->time2str($template, time, $zone);
	       print $lang->strftime($template, @lt, $zone);

	       print $lang->ctime(time);
	       print $lang->asctime(@lt);

	       print $lang->ctime(time, $zone);
	       print $lang->asctime(@lt, $zone);

       See Date::Format.

       Paula Goddard (paula -at- paulacska -dot- com)

       Made available under the same terms as Perl itself.

perl v5.10.1				    2009-12-12		   Date::Language::Hungarian(3pm)
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