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Algorithm::Diff::XS(3pm)       User Contributed Perl Documentation	 Algorithm::Diff::XS(3pm)

       Algorithm::Diff::XS - Algorithm::Diff with XS core loop

	   # Drop-in replacement to Algorithm::Diff, but "compact_diff"
	   # and C<LCSidx> will run much faster for large data sets.
	   use Algorithm::Diff::XS qw( compact_diff LCSidx );

       This module is a simple re-packaging of Joe Schaefer's excellent but not very well-known
       Algorithm::LCS with a drop-in interface that simply re-uses the installed version of the
       Algorithm::Diff module.

       Note that only the "LCSidx" function is optimized in XS at the moment, which means only
       "compact_diff" will get significantly faster for large data sets, while "diff" and "sdiff"
       will run in identical speed as "Algorithm::Diff".

			     Rate     Algorithm::Diff Algorithm::Diff::XS
       Algorithm::Diff	   14.7/s		   --		     -98%
       Algorithm::Diff::XS  806/s		5402%		       --

       The benchmarking script is as below:

	   my @data = ([qw/a b d/ x 50], [qw/b a d c/ x 50]);
	   cmpthese( 500, {
	       'Algorithm::Diff' => sub {
	       'Algorithm::Diff::XS' => sub {

       Algorithm::Diff, Algorithm::LCS.

       Audrey Tang <cpan@audreyt.org>

       Copyright 2008 by Audrey Tang <cpan@audreyt.org>.

       Contains derived code copyrighted 2003 by Joe Schaefer, <joe+cpan@sunstarsys.com>.

       This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same
       terms as Perl itself.

perl v5.12.3				    2008-10-24			 Algorithm::Diff::XS(3pm)
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