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wxPageSetupDialog(3erl) 	     Erlang Module Definition		  wxPageSetupDialog(3erl)

       wxPageSetupDialog - See external documentation: wxPageSetupDialog.

       See external documentation: wxPageSetupDialog .

	 wxPageSetupDialog() :

	   An object reference, The representation is internal and can be changed without notice.
	   It can't be used for comparsion stored on disc or distributed for use on other nodes.

       new(Parent::wxWindow() (see module wxWindow)) -> wxPageSetupDialog()

	      Equivalent to new(Parent, []) .

       new(Parent::wxWindow() (see module wxWindow), Options::[Option]) -> wxPageSetupDialog()

	      Types  Option = {data, wxPageSetupDialogData() (see module wxPageSetupDialogData)}

	      See external documentation .

       getPageSetupData(This::wxPageSetupDialog()) -> wxPageSetupDialogData() (see module wxPage-

	      See external documentation .

       showModal(This::wxPageSetupDialog()) -> integer()

	      See external documentation .

       destroy(This::wxPageSetupDialog()) -> ok

	      Destroys this object, do not use object again


					 wxErlang 0.98.9		  wxPageSetupDialog(3erl)
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